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A person must make it through the detoxification process first before they can begin addiction treatment. This process involves the body rebalancing chemicals within the brain. If you’re trying to face detox alone, it can be agonizing. It’s extremely important to find a treatment center that will make the process as safe and relaxing as possible.

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The History of Substance Abuse

For many years, addiction has been studied by some of the most prolific and trained neuroscientists. They discovered that excessive drug use can cause intense changes in the brain, and addiction is in fact a neuropathological disease that results from the interaction between genes and the environment. In fact, some people are genetically prone to suffer from addiction, and are more likely to become drug seekers if they grow up in the wrong type of environment.

At Houston Addiction Rehab, Houston residents can rest assure that our drug and alcohol program stresses the idea that education is the best medicine for addiction. We teach our patients the various mechanisms of addiction, and we believe that by doing this- they will be better equipped to face the daily challenges of recovery.

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Facing Drug & Alcohol Detox

Houston Addiction Rehab has patients enter the facility and immediately they are treated to professional supervision and care by our onsite nurses and doctors. Our alcohol and drug detox center offers medically-managed plans that help patients readjust to sobriety by reducing the negative symptoms associated with withdrawal. It can be a scary experience to experience withdrawal for many people, but be assured that our staff will go above and beyond to do our best and make it an easy going experience.

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