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Your road to a better life from recovery will be marked with many speed bumps. To get over these alone can be impossible, so it is important to build a network of support that will be essential for your success to recovery. Houston Addiction Rehab can get Houston residents set up for success.

Creating a Strong Support System

Recovery is often associated with feelings of anxiety, fear, agony, doubt and unstoppable drug cravings. Without anyone to help you cope with these feelings, it can suddenly result in a relapse. The stronger your support network is, the better your chances will be in overcoming your addiction and moving on to a calmer, more fulfilling lifestyle. Houston Addiction Rehab has qualified health care professionals, ready to assist you in building a strong, steady support system. Our drug rehab specialists are understanding in the difficulty this process is. It takes much more than just clinical treatments.

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The 3 Stages of Relapse

While attending Houston Addiction Rehab, Houston residents will be treated to the most impeccable care in the business. Patients are taught to look for specific triggers that may lead up to relapse. Gaining a fundamental understanding of what causes a relapse to occur with help the patient handle situations that would eventually lead to relapse. There are three common stages of relapse that you should know about.


If you’re entering the stage of emotional relapse, the thought of using has not yet entered your mind. Your behaviors and emotions are instead acting as a precursor to a relapse. You may be setting yourself up for a situation that leads to your downfall is you fail to express your fear, anxiety or any other uncomfortable feelings.


When thinking about your drug use, you are going through what is called a mental relapse. Ambivalent feelings about recovery are sprung upon you and you will start to have conflicting desires. Reluctance in using again versus craving the actual drugs reappear. It eventually starts getting out of control.


The final outcome usually is physical relapse, and this is defined as actually obtaining the drug and also using it. But if the first two stages are met with a good, strong support system then your chances of spiraling into a physical relapse are miniscule.

By enlisting with Houston Addiction Rehab, you are on your way to finding the proper tools necessary to combat the prospect of a relapse. Our credible, caring and competent professionals will make sure your mind, body and environment are effectively relaxed and prepared. No journey is ever easy, but we’re here to make it easier.


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